WordPress, you are doing my head in!

Sorry, this may come across as a bit of a rant. Well, I suppose it is. Today I have had loads of problems with WordPress. If I had hair I would of pulled it out by now. I was certainly cursing at my computer. I can, well hopefully, do a normal blog post, AS LONG as it does not need and images uploading into the media section. If I go to create a post then select add media, all I get is a dirty big message saying ‘page crashed’, and if I go straight to media to upload without trying to create a post, it takes ages to upload the has on ‘crunching’ which I assume is WordPress speak for processing. What has made this annoying most of all is that I have tweeted wordpress about 5 times so far, and also left a post on the support forum, and have not had one solitary reply to any of them. Theres no email address for support or customer services or facebook page for WordPress.org. There is .com but not org. I get that websites have problems now and then but at least most are sorted quickly or you get a response from them when you report it. Thats the thing annoying me most, the no response thing. I get the feeling noone is working at WordPress today. They must of all been given a days holiday or something.

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