Sad news.

These last couple of weeks have been awful. D’s grandma has been seriously ill for several weeks now and since coming home ( which she wanted, even though we all knew there wasn’t long left ) she has got progressively worse. D had been called to the house a few times at short notice as things had changed. We were told weeks ago by the doctor that she only had days to go. Being the fighter she is, she kept battling on and all the family were on tenterhooks all the time. At the same time the whole family were absolutely shattered. Some of them spending a lot of hours at the house. There was always someone from the family there during the day and through the night, the carers were there. Then at 01.50 on Tuesday morning we got a phone call for D to get there asap. A few long stressful hours later she got in touch to tell me she had passed away. She will be sadly missed by everyone as she was a big part of the family and always loved having the family around for tea and cakes and a good old natter. Sad though it is, its also in a way a sort of relief for everyone as we all know she is no longer suffering or in pain, and that everyone can now try to relax a little and catch up on some much needed sleep, and sort all the other stuff like funeral etc out during the day.

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