Silly things they say #1


There is a cat that wanders around out street. We call it Mow Mow, because thats the sound it makes all the time. G, our 13 y/o daughter said ‘Mam says it makes that noise when its in the sun and wants to make babies with another cat’. I just burst our laughing and had to correct her that what her Mam said was ‘that its when the cat is in heat and wants to make babies’, NOT being in the sun.

Teenage kids. Give me strength!

Anyone who has a teenage son or daughter will know whats its like to constantly be having to bite your tongue, when the slightest thing you d or say or ask them to do seems to seems to have the ability to flick some switch to change said child into some devil incarnate. Granted in my case I do occasionally ( so its been pointed out ) speak to her in a certain tone that comes across as if I’m having a go at her, but normally, I just need to say one thing and thats it. Light the fuse, stand well back and watch the fireworks. Tonight I just had to ask about a certain subject and what I got was a barrage of ‘DAD WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GO ON AND ON AND ON AND ON ABOUT THINGS!!! this was the first time I had even mentioned this subject, which in my defence, is a serious subject. ( internet security and having people on your friends list on BBM who they do not know ). The teenager years obviously do not come complete with an instruction manual teaching them how to discuss things without shouting. Part of the problem with me and my daughter is personality wish we are very similar. Neither of us will back down if we think we are right and we are both a bit stubborn. Heaven help if I dare ask her to help with the washing up. DAD I DID THE WASHING UP NEARLY 3 WEEKS AGO, IM NOT DOING IT AGAIN. Sorry love but you are quite happy to eat the food and dirty the dishes, so you can muck in and help out. We did have a system for a few weeks where if someone makes the tea, the other two do the dishes and drying. That fell by the wayside after not too long. I think we may have to do that again. She even tries to twist that. For example, if I’m making spag bol, she will saunter into the kitchen, pick up the spoon, stir the spag bol I am cooking in the pan then later try to say she doesnt have to do the dishes because she helped make the tea. The cheek of it lol.

Breo Bag Buddy watch review

Breo Bag Buddy

I have received this product to review. I am not being paid for this and the whole review is my honest opinion about the product.

From their website.

Breo are a UK born brand. A design focused company at heart, that strive to produce exceptional, inspiring accessories for your everyday life.
Pushing the boundaries of technologies and materials, we produce quality, affordability products without compromise – all vibrant and all appealing to an active, style conscious audience
Breo believe that life is for living. Don’t blend in. Don’t settle for the mundane.
However you want to escape the everyday, have fun. And do it in style.
We say… Kiss Bland Goodbye

On receiving this watch I was a bit sceptical as I had a preconceived image in my head that it was going to be just like one of those cheap watches you see in some shops being sold from anything from 1.00 ukp to 10.00 ukp when despite the price difference are all exactly the same, a rubbish, cheap feeling and looking watch that more than likely are made somewhere overseas for pennies. These are watches that only kids would wear. In fact, these days I doubt even the kids would wear them as they look so cheap. I was very surprised when I opened the package and seen a nice stylish lime green and white box,



and even more surprised when I opened it to find another smaller box, BUT also that the bigger box was decked out in lime green tissue paper.


Well so far this is already beating those cheap and nasty watches.
On ready the smaller box, it has the following about the watch

Multiple use strap design
2 year battery life
Working temperature -10c to +50c
LCD digital display
Made with Tourmaline
Case size 17mm x 10mm
Strap length 205mm
Weight 16g
Water resistance 5ATM
Warranty 12 months

On researching a bit deeper on the Breo website ( link below ), I found out some interesting information I wasn’t aware of when I was sent this watch to review. Not being a scientist I cannot confirm the geeky stuff about it. ( These next 2 paragraphs are copied directly from their website )

On the box there is an icon for S-Ion. Not being a scientist I can only assume this is all true, but they claim S-ION™ is a blend of silicone and Tourmaline that has been perfected through research and development to create not only a super soft material, but one that is also incredibly durable. This blend produces negative ions well known for the health benefits given off from the Tourmaline.
S-ION™ is comfortable under the harshest of conditions, with its elasticated soft touch feel you easily forget that you even have a watch on.
Breo bracelets and watches are specially manufactured using soft silicone embedded with thousands of these tiny negative ion producing tourmaline and germanium crystals. When these crystals are combined with a unique combination of other natural minerals, the negative ions produced are significantly increased and in turn the health benefits one can obtain from wearing a Breo bracelet are enhanced.
I can confirm that on opening the package and checking the watch out, the first thing I noticed was how soft the rubber was. Much softer than those cheap watches.

Please note: A bit of information I learned while checking this out. Don’t be mistaken like I was that 5 ATM is depth. Its not, its pressure. Apparently a normal domestic shower can be the equivalent of 3 ATM.

Back to the watch. One opening the smaller box, I found a small drawstring carry pouch inside which was protecting the watch itself.

1982399_689225457801009_777033322_o1495631_689225984467623_64234346_o 10006378_689226167800938_1642987392_o

This company is obviously big on presentation which this day and age is great to see.
Its simple to set the time and date. Just use a pen to push the A button to select what you want to change, then the B button to change it. You can have it set just to show the time or to flick between the time and date.
You may be tempted to try and wear this on your wrist but unless you a small child with tiny wrists it wont fit. Its designed to hang of something.
I sat for a while and thought of a load of ideas to use this watch. A few of them are unrealistic but fun to imagine anyway.
•Hang it off your shower head or bath tap so you can tell the time while you’re getting washed.
•On the cat’s collar so if your cat is clever enough they know what time to be indoors and not keep you sitting up all night.
•On a guitar when your practicing or gigging.
•Use it as a key ring
•Hang it somewhere on a shirt or blouse a bit like nurses do
•This is an obvious one, hang it from your handbag, sports bag or rucksack,
•Hang is on your chain when your swimming. Remember. I have not tested this underwater yet.
•On a camera tripod, when you out taking photographs
•On a vacuum cleaner so you don’t lose track of time whilst having all that fun cleaning the house.
There is an obvious one I wont describe but it involves activities in the bedroom. I had an image in my head of some man checking the time while in action and saying to his wife, ‘OK Darling, get off now, the football is about to start on the TV” Thats just my silly imagination.
In reality, the possibilities of where to hang this watch are down to your imagination. So many places you could use this.
This watch, as well as all the other watches and sunglasses Breo make come in a variety of different colours so theres bound to be one there that will suit you.
One thing I did not like about this whole package was the instruction leaflet. The text was so small I could hardly read it, even with my glasses on. I would like to suggest to Breo that you make the font a bit bigger. Not everyone has 20/20 vision. But thats it, that the one and only problem I could find with this watch.

You can check our the Bag Buddy along with other watches and sunglasses here at Breo

Its getting to that time again

Its getting to that time again where I have to pluck up the courage to wage a war on my computer desk. I clear it so it lovely and tidy, and over time, as more and more stuff gets dumped on it, any part of the surface of the desk I could see, rapidly disappears below a mountain of receipts, letters, hats, gloves, ereaders, chargers, and general odds and sods. I put the tidy up so long, it just makes it worse when it comes to that time to tidy it up.
How many of you let your desk get to this state?

Messy desk

Podcasting!! Not as easy as it seems.

I really want to try something new. Podcasting. After listening to LoveAllDads and hearing their podcasts, I have thought to myself, I can do that. I’ve done personal YouTube vlogs before. I’ve even interviewed people on YouTube, so why can I not do this, I thought to myself. One thing I have found is its a lot harder to set up podcasting to connect to iTunes (still not sorted it) than it is to record a video and post it on YouTube. Darren from Love All Dads has been helping me via email. The poor lad must be sick of my very existence by now but I do appreciate his help. Fill this in, download this plug in, activate this, register that. Not good when I’m running on a lack of sleep and my brain isn’t running at it’s normal speed.


The other problem I’m finding is having something to talk about. It’s not too bad for the likes of Love All Dads, as once they have a subject in mind, they can just chat amongst themselves like guys chatting down the pub, as long as they have an idea of the subject. They can all put in their opinion on the given subject. When you’re doing it by yourself its a lot, lot harder. I suppose this is where preparation comes into it and making bullet points etc. My friend Livi from Mrs Teepot gave me an idea to check the latest news and speak about that. It’s definitely an option to consider. Thanks Livi. Any other ideas from anyone would be gratefully received. Either how to find subjects, or to even suggest a subject. Once I get everythng up and running, I would love to do a podcast chat with another blogger. Would be interesting.

My own MOT

Today was the day I had to go for ‘MY’ MOT. Not the car’s but mine. This all come about after the fourth time of the emergency ambulance being dispatched to my house in the last couple of years. Each time its been due to chest pains of one degree or another, but chest pains nevertheless. Three times, I have been carted off to the hospital for further tests, and on the last time, everything was done at home. ECG, blood pressure, heart rate etc etc. Each time, Zero, zilch, zip, nil, nought, nothing. I get the go ahead to go home and continue living with the test results being nothing but stress / panic attacks. To me, I cannot help but feel they say that because they don’t know what else it could be. A cop out.
Anyway, on the last ambulance visit to the house, after all the checks they could do, he said I should get a ‘well man’ check up at my G.P’s. So today was the day that it got done. blood pressure, heart rate, weight, height, and some bloods for the vampires hospital to check for this that and the other. I read on Google last week that these tests normally involve a finger up the bum, and / or having my testicles checked. I never got any of this. I’m glad about the finger. Really I am, the other one, I’m not sure if I’m please or not I didn’t get checked. I guess I am. I don’t know if the blood tests would show anything up down there, or not. Unless I have to be a certain age before they start checking for testicular lumps etc. Ahh well. Something to look forward to for the future. All I have to do now is wait for these results to see if anything comes back for the chest pains. In one way I hope not but in another way I hope they do find something as at least I will have a reason for the pains then.

My day ( and night )

I had to endure an appointment with the Mental Health advisor today at the doctors. It was just a catch up to see how I’m doing. ( And maybes a hidden ‘just making sure you have not topped yourself’ reason ). It seemed to go ok, although anyone who suffers from depression will know how hard it can be to describe how you feel. So in my mind it felt a bit like a waste of mine and the advisors time.
A lazy night was had tonight. D had been on her daily visit to see her gran in hospital. I made her tea ( only pizza and chips ), then we settled down to watch Who Do You Think You Are USA and CSI on tv after shuffling G off to bed. Nice hot toasted tea cakes were the order of the night at 10pm. As normal, not long after 10.30pm, D was snoring her head off next to me on the sofa. In her defence, she was shattered from work, never mind going to hospital as well afterwards. After she went to bed at 11pm I dragged my bass guitar out ( unplugged ) and had a bit of a practice with it. Its been a few weeks since I used it. Just trying to loosen the fingers up.
I think I lasted about an hour after I went to bed before I got up again due to G snoring like some wild animal. I’ll end up going to bed at 6am when she gets up and trying to grab a few hours. Its no wonder I feel like a zombie. A mixture of anti depressants and lack of sleep is not good for ones self.