Magic Moments 16th June 2014

We have just had a weekend away camping at the Haven site at Lakeland, Cumbria. It was Gee’s first ever time camping. We were a bit apprehensive about how she would take to it, but she seemed to enjoy it, apart from having to sleep on an airbed and not having internet coverage unless you went to the bar / cafe.

Having a BBQ

We went to Lakeland to meet up with Marc ( from ) and his parents. It was the first time Gee had met them all and the first time Dee and myself had met his parents, but as we speak to them quite often on Skype anyway, it felt like we already knew them.
We hit lucky and had lovely weather. One day day was very sunny and the next was cloudy but both were very warm.
All in all it was a lovely weekend with fantastic company.

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