Please check out this cover version. Its amazing.

While sitting listening to my iTunes, I came across one of my favourite songs. Its actually a cover of a very famous song. The singer is my friend Manny ( thats what I call him anyway ) from Greece. He has a YouTube channel CLICK HERE. The song in question is Bridge Over Troubled Water. I know theres been loads of covers of this over the years, but for me, this is my all time fave. Its an amazing cover version with loads of feeling to it. You have to have a listen to it. I love the way it speeds up later in the song.
If you do like it. Please leave him a comment and a thumbs up. Manny a really cool guy and would very much appreciated you support. Theres loads and loads of other song on his channel. Some original some covers, plus vlogs as well. He’s a funny guy. Please pass this link around and show support for a cool person

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