Not what I was hoping for


Well I did my Monday weigh in today expecting maybes to of at least lost one pound. I wasn’t expecting much as we had a few takeaways last week for different reasons but every day bar one, I had Nutribullet drinks at least once a day. So I was hoping for a pound. Nope, it wasn’t to be. Since my last weigh in which was about 2 weeks ago, I had gained 3 pounds. I’m now 17st 7lbs. I’m not too disappointed, as tomorrow we ALL start our diet. Yesterday and Saturday I bought more fresh fruit and veg. The fruit bowl is a bit on the full side. So much so, I am also using our old fruit bowl as well so thats 2 full bowls so no excuse for not having fruit.

The reason we are starting the diet tomorrow and not today is because today is Gee’s 14th birthday and we are planning on going out for a meal tonight. So after that indulgence, its all hands to the pumps and eating healthily.

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