KangerTech GeniTank. A laymans review

A few days ago I eventually got round to unpacking and trying out my new KangerTech GeniTank for my ecigs. I have to say as clearomisers go, what a nice looking thing this is. A lovely shiny chrome clearomiser and a very clear Pyrex glass tube. It features a 5 hold airflow control valve that you can twist to control the airflow ( surprisingly enough ). It can hold 3.8 ml of eliquid. I’ve seen and heard many users of this clearomiser complain that when they fill the tank and turn it right way up ( the tank is filled from the bottom ), most of the liquid disappears into the lower chamber so you cannot get a real idea if you are low on liquid or not. I have noticed this myself and I can imagine it being a pain. It is 510 threaded. Apparently for Mods you may require an adaptor but I have also heard this is quite rare. It has an upgraded dual coil. available in 1.2Ω / 1.8Ω Currently Kanger supplies two 1.8ohm dual coils. The atomizer heads are replaceable. It is 75mm in height and 22mm in depth.

Here is the clearomiser

I won’t go into the whole massive yeehaaw about the performance and technical aspect of the clearomiser as quite frankly it confuddles me a lot. I sometimes wish vapor users spoke in layman terms. I’m beginning to think they are starting they’re whole new language. What I will say, and what the main point of this is that it gives a lovely smoke / vape. Far better than my Aspire clearomiser, which I really like for the build of it. I’ve never had one problem with the Aspire. I can only put the improved vaping experience down to the airflow control valve. Or / and the coil, but I suspect the valve. I can, if I wanted to create a nice big plume of vapor cloud with the GeniTank.

One thing I did struggle with in the end and I solved by accident even though I trawled Google unsuccessfully for the answer, and bugged my ecig selling friend via text and even tweeted Kangertech, was how the heck to fill this thing. Like I said, Its quite different to the Aspire I normally use. When I first unscrewed the base, the whole thing came apart into 3 pieces. The top, the tube and the base. I didn’t notice but it all screws together around the centre tube on the inside. What you need to do is grab hold of the main body and twist the airflow control valve and the base comes off without the collar unscrewing from the tube. Then you can squeeze you eliquid into it.
The only other thing I cannot figure out, and this is probably me being a noob at mods in general the nozzle. It literally just lifts out. There is an ‘O’ ring on it but a few times its come off in my pocket ( oo err missus, you are naughty ). I assume you can change nozzle for a different type but why its not a screw on I don’t know. Maybes someone can enlighten and educate me on that.

This is what it looks like on my eVic ecigarette.


Please please please be careful on the roads.

First off I would like to say I do not and have never been a motorcyclist so I cannot comment from a motorcyclists point of view but I am a car driver. In fact, I have, as I type this decided I will not give my point of view or opinion of this other than to say all drivers and riders, and I mean ALL, need to be more aware of whats happening around them and watch their speed whilst on the road. Also, I know theres a sort of thing between bike riders and car drivers where one always says the other is at fault or should pay more attention. Truth is we all need to. We are all vulnerable when we are on the roads driving whatever vehicle we are in or on.
While watching this video I actually paused it a few times to decide whether or not I wanted to proceed watching it. IT IS hard to watch but it hits home as a stark reminder of the dangers out there and how quick they can happen.
I am posting this so that all my fellow bloggers and readers will take heed and be careful whilst driving or riding.

This video can be distressing to see. Please don’t watch if you are easily upset
This is hard-hitting footage of a fatal collision in Norfolk has been released by police in a bid to get motorcyclists and drivers to think seriously about road safety. Viewers are warned that this video contains content which some may find distressing, but it does not show any graphic images of the rider during or after the collision and they are given the option to refrain from viewing.

My thoughts go out to the family and loved ones of David Holmes.

Vrb Bluetooth Headphones. I cannot wait to try these

vrb image 2

Being a person who loves his music, I spotted this page and straight away I was interested. As my partner would confirm, I love my headphones and will not go for a rubbish tinny sounding pair. I am very fussy with the sound and build quality and looks of headphones, which is why I am interested in this project and why it caught my eye straight away. I have been after a decent set of bluetooth over the ear or on ear headphones for the last few years, so I will be interested to see hear how good these are. If they are as good as they look and what the designers and people who have already tested them are saying, then I can’t wait. Hopefully they will have decent treble, middle and bass and very importantly volume. Its no good having really nice sound if the volume is not high enough and you get noise from external sources.

Vrb image

Back in November 2013 an idea was born. It was to create an amazing new design of bluetooth headphones. The people behind the idea needed to raise a massive $16,000 to get the idea off the ground. Such was the huge response to this innovative idea that they achieved this within a mere 3 days and the amount keeps growing. To date they have raised $25,000 and have 201 backers.

VRB timeline

The designers claim these lightweight and durable headphones have superior sound quality, Elegant style, a unibody design to help eliminate failures in the structure of the device and bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 connection up to 33 feet away from you phone and a host of other features.

Professional working model Melissa Brown, is the inspiration behind the Vrb headphones, along with Thomas Endo who provides technical expertise, supply chain management and Julie Pham as Marketing and Media Relations Manager.

Through their page on the Kickstarter website, they have had a massive response from people given their support ( hence blowing past the target in 3 days ) and also asking questions and wanting to learn more about the Vrb headphones and offering ideas.

I’ve seen funding projects like this before for different items and companies but I have never sat down and read about one, and it just goes to show what public support can achieve. A massive well done to all at Vrb and their backers.

Please pop across to the Vrb page and check it out and maybes show you support. They also have a Facebook page.

Poorly child sent home from school

Just had a mad rush to school to pick Gee up. I received a phone call from her teacher saying she wasn’t feeling well and asked me to come and pick her up. This is very unlike Gee. She is not the type of kid to leave school. She normally battles through anything to stay there. Like all kids, theres things about school she doesn’t like but leaving school is not an option normally for her. She would rather complete the day. So as it is, if she has to come home, or says in the morning she doesn’t feel well and does not want to go to school, we know something isn’t right.
Hopefully it’s just some bug thats doing the rounds at the moment. She’s got pains in various places and a headache and feeling dizzy.

Well we are back. The doc isn’t sure what it is. She’s sent off a urine test and arranged an ultrasound incase it’s appendicitis or gall stones but she doesn’t think it either of these. She’s expecting it all to come back clear. I just hope Gee starts to feel better soon.

Week 1: Nutribullet drinks. Start of getting healthier


Well here we are. As promised I am going to start my health kick. As I said, I really need to get myself sorted and lose weight and start eating healthier. I’m not saying its all going to be easy and plain sailing but every journey starts with one step.
The main things I need to do straight off is to start taking in more fruit and veg. Yeah I have sunday dinner with veg on but thats not a lot for a whole week and its normally boiled to hell and back so all the goodness would be gone out of it. So with that in mind, I am going to start using my Nutribullet seriously. I can see lots of experiments coming up while I mess about with flavours and health benefits etc. The other thing I really need to do is cut right back or stop completely, my bread intake. I am a major bread freak. I would have bread with every meal if I could.

I got weighed a few days ago to get my starting weight. It was about what I was expecting. I am currently 17 stone 4 pound ( 107.9549 kg ). Well over weight. No wonder I have back problems so much.

So today I experimented with two different Nutribullet recipes.


1 x banana
1 x medium pear
Handful of red grapes
2 inch slice of cucumber
50% Kale
1 level tsp of Spirulina

This was nice but as with any drink you make with banana in it, thats all you can taste.
At first it had a very thick froth on the top, so I drank a bit then blasted it again in the Bullet and it turned out really smooth then. Like I say, its nice but I can imagine getting bored of the banana taste after a while. Someone recommended doubling up on the other ingredients to combat that.

Drink number 2


50% Kale
Handful of frozen mixed fruit
1 x cored apple
Goji Berries

This is my best yet. Such a refreshing taste. I would say the predominant taste is the apple. It has a curious reddy / brown colour to it.
Notice, I left out the banana on this one. Soon as I took a drink I literally said ‘wow’. It was such a change from the other drinks I have made in the past. This one is definitely my favourite so far.

Yet more media scare mongering about e-cigs

The media make me sick, how they love to scare monger for a dramatic story. I think people would respect them more if they told the truth and/or gave the full story and facts.
This recent story about VIP e-cigarette liquids containing diacetyl. Granted the substance is not allowed, but what the BBC ( Inside Out TV programme ) and other media outlets failed to mention was that the levels found in the liquid are of little risk. This post is not about VIP but about how the media scare monger to get readers and sell newspapers etc.


This is taken from yesterdays Metro paper website:
An e-cigarette liquid on sale in Newcastle ( actually it was Gateshead Metrocentre. Get it right if you’re going to report something ) has been found to contain a potentially toxic chemical with links to lung disease.

The butterscotch-flavoured refill, manufactured by the VIP brand, contained diacetyl –a flavouring often found in margarine. But even though it’s safe to eat, doctors have warned that it isn’t safe to inhale.

This chemical has even been associated with a condition called ‘popcorn worker’s lung’. Diacetyl was ingested in large quantities by those working in popcorn factories, as it is one of the main ingredients. But some long-term workers were left so unwell that they required a lung transplant.

The investigation into the safety of e-cigarette liquids was performed by the BBC. Researchers bought four products and sent them to a laboratory to be analysed.

VIP’s refill, which was bought at the Metrocentre in Newcastle, was the only e-cigarette liquid deemed to be unsafe.

On the mirror website, this is their headline: Potentially ‘toxic’ butterscotch flavoured e-cigarette found to contain chemical linked with lung cancer.
NOTE: they emphasise the word ‘Toxic’ just top put the shitters a bit more up people and also drop in the word cancer as that always gets people attention.
From everything I have read, the substance cannot give you cancer. It can potentially cause a rare but serious disease called “popcorn workers lung,” also known by the medical name bronchiolitis obliterans. The condition is caused by inhalation of diacetyl fumes, which cause scarring in the lungs. Sufferers of popcorn lung have difficulty exhaling, and when severe, the condition can be fatal. In many cases of severe bronchiolitis obliterans, only a lung transplant will save a patient’s life. Typical scummy reporting.

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This is from the post on the ECITA website:
Diacetyl has been identified as a substance which we do not want to see in ecigs because it has a known inhalation risk. However, the actual risk is likely to be very low, and certainly pales into insignificance compared to the known very serious risks of continuing to smoke tobacco.

At no point was anyone at significant risk of harm from the diacetyl in VIP’s Butterscotch eliquid, since even the considerably higher levels of diacetyl found in tobacco smoke do not appear to cause bronchitis obliterans. (It appears that it requires high levels of exposure to diacetyl over a sustained period to develop bronchitis obliterans. Indeed, there has only been one documented case of bronchitis obliterans outside of occupational exposure, which was the case of a man who ate microwave popcorn twice daily for 10 years.)

It is important to remember that the routine testing of VIP’s product identified diacetyl at a very low level – a level which is not a cause of significant concern in terms of harm to users of the product. Furthermore, diacetyl is found in cigarette smoke at significant levels – 300–430 µg per cigarette – yet bronchiolitis obliterans (popcorn lung) is not associated with smoking (although plenty of other respiratory conditions are).

Please read the full article at

I repeat, this is typical media scare mongering for a story.

If you agree with me, share this round.

Magic Moments 1st Sept 2014

This photo was taken when I did a GCUK ghost hunt at Yorks haunted house on Stonegate with Karl Beattie and Stu Torevell from Really uk TV’s Most Haunted. Despite what people think of the show, whether its real or fake, I was really chuffed to meet these two guys. They are so down to earth and friendly, and so so funny. They didn’t make you feel like you were with TV personalities at all. It was like they had known you for years.
It was the last GCUK ghost hunt to be held at the house as a couple of days later it closed its ghostly doors for the last time. Rumour has it, its to be sympathetically converted into offices. Mediums were going to be visiting to sent the resident spirits on their way. Good luck with that. There were some pretty strong spirits in the house and personally ( other people agree ), I cannot see the spirit clearing working. In a way I hope it doesn’t. I would like to think it will still be an extremely haunted location. Thats my personal thoughts though.