Review: Ozeri Rev Digital Bathroom Scale with Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial

This is an unpaid honest review of this product. All views and opinions in this review are my own.

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When I received these scales to review I was well happy as I was coincidently about to embark on my diet after years of being over weight, I took the plunge to better my health and fitness. These scales could not of come at a better time.
When I received them, they came well packaged to protect them from any bumps or knocks during transit.
The scales, once unpacked are very snazzy and posh looking indeed. I have never had such a smart and stylish set of scales in my life. I doubt you will get a set of scales that look as good and perform as good as these in your local supermarket for the same price. You will have to spend a lot more I would say.
The scales have a glossy creamy white tempered glass surface, that is easy to clean or wipe down. The mechanical display is really clear and is backlit with a bright light bluey white light. The electro mechanical dial is easy to read. Even without my glasses on I was able to read it. The large digital LCD display is even easier to read and can display either pounds or kg’s just by pressing the button on the rear to switch between the two. One thing I personally hope they Ozeri will consider for the future is, having the option to have your weight displayed in stones, pounds and ounces. At the moment I am having to get the reading, and go on my phone to convert it to the way I have known body weights since I was a child, in stones, pounds and ounces


The scales have something I have personally not come across before on any other scales. It comes with a daily alarm which will sound to remind you to weigh yourself and track your weight, if you so wish to do it daily. Its a shame that it couldn’t have an option to select daily, weekly or monthly. I know from people I am in contact with, that everyone has different opinions on when they prefer to be weighed. So the multi option for this would be a great help.

They come with 4 high precision sensors. Now, I have personally tried to catch these scales out on several occasions. I have tried scales in the past where, you step on and get your weight, step off and back on and get a different weight, and do it a third time and get a different weight yet again. It has not happened once for me with these one. Whenever I weigh myself on mechanical scales, I always get on three times to try and get an accurate reading. I don’t have to with these ones. Every time I have tested them three times, its the same weight to the decimal each time.


The scales take 3 AAA batteries. As the scales switch into standby mode after 15 seconds of inactivity and only switch on when you stand on them, the batteries should last a long time.

The instructions that come with them are plain and easy to follow.

I have to say I am impressed with the quality and design , and pretty much everything about these. Again, this is my honest opinion. I would more than happy to use these as my regular scales and be confident in them.

Please note: Do not stand on these scales with wet feet, as you could easily slip.

The scales can be viewed and bought here

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