Those long sleepless nights

I hate these nights. You know them. You have all had them. The nights when no matter how hard you try, everything in the universe seems to go against you and do it’s best to stop you from going to sleep, even though you are absolutely knackered and feel and look like something from T.V’s Walking Dead. You lie there in the dark and hear every single little sound. The house creaking, the cat snoring, your partner snoring ( these last two are happening to me right now ), a fly farting at the other end of the street. No matter how hard you try to ignore the sounds, they somehow seem to be amplified in the still of the night. You might as well have them blasting through a 1000 watt speaker system.
For me, the longer the night goes on, the more I get tired but still cannot sleep, the more my restless leg plays up and my leg then decides it wants to do a remake of the Riverdance in bed.
Then, the daylight starts to creep in around the edge of the curtains or blinds, and its at that time the dawn chorus starts outside our window. As much as I love nature and all its feathered and furry creatures, at half four in the morning, I could happily shoot the little buggers for the racket they are making.
Then between half four and five AM, one of our cats does his best to wake us up to let him out, or should I say he used to before we succumbed to installing a cat flap with a timer that unlocks at 5am. Now the little sod gets impatient and tries to wake us at 4.30 to let him out. He goes so far as to get on the shelf above out head and deliberately knocks stuff off onto our heads. Stuff like the phone, a wand I bought in York, the remote for our ceiling light, and one time I nearly had my crystal ball dropped on me. He even sometimes goes up to my accoustic bass guitar and plucks the strings to wake us. Now thats funny as sometimes it sounds like a good tune, but again at 4.30am its the last thing I want to hear.

So here I am, sitting downstairs on one of those nights, in our cold, and quiet dining room, typing this for something to do.
I hope I am not alone in this. Let me know what keeps you awake at night.

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