Space invaders and a ghost film review

Fridays are meant to be a time when you forward to the weekend aren’t they? Well today, I can’t get excited as I am working tomorrow and I still have not had much sleep. That’s a few days running now. It’s got to the point where I said to Denise this morning that if I don’t sleep well tonight, I might take a sleeping tablet.

Anyway today was a nice steady day. Nothing bad happened apart from having to drive into the North Pennines, which after 2.5 years is starting to wear a bit thin now. Apart from that it was a good day.

Random pic of the day. 

There are several of these tiled space invader mosaics scattered around Newcastle. To my knowledge noone knows who stuck them up. They just appeared over night years ago. I think it’s like a challenge where you have to go and find them all. I remember seeing a list on the tinterwebs of all the locations. I have not located them all yet I don’t think. 

I came home to an empty house as Georgia was in Newcastle with her friends and Denise went to the gym.
After Denise got home, we had chicken, slimming world oven chips and loads of mushy peas. Oh yes, tomorrow I will be stinking lol. Stinking like a man should stink lol.

I did actually vlog today, but forgot to end it so will either end it in the morning or make it a 2 day vlog. Can’t decide yet.

Tonight we decided to watch something a bit different on Netflix. It was a film called ‘I am the pretty thing that lives in the house’

It had loads of one star ratings but after someone said it like an old style phycological thriller ghost story rather than a modern guts and gore film, we decided to give it a try. To be honest, it wasn’t boring but not exciting either, it was just decent in my opinion. Its kind of hard to explain the plot. Its about a woman who gets sent to a house to look after a terminally ill woman, but she starts feeling theres more to the house than she first thought. I think it will be one of those that you will either hate or love.

Anyway you all have a good weekend


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