Monday, I hate you so.

It’s Monday. The day of the week I really dislike. Today has the added bonus that I’ve not had a good night’s sleep. 

I was really unsettled last night for some reason. It felt like I was waking up every half hour. 

Denise has already been up since 6am, had a shower and made our packed lunches. 

She’s a total trooper. I don’t know what we would do without her. 

As it is Monday, it goes without saying that today has been absolutely stupidly busy. It’s been go go go all day. 

Today struck in a strange way today when it decided to make my mobile phone go all weird on me. The screen was doing loads of things all by itself. It even went into whatsapp and rang someone while I wasn’t in the van.
I was struggling to type, do voice messages, or anything pretty much whatsoever. I ended up at last resort and having to restore my phone back to factory settings. Its a pain in the butt, but had to be done. For now it seems to have settled down.

It’s half five in the evening and I’m in Cafe Nero having a cuppa while I wait for Georgia to finish work.

Denise has gone to the gym after work, but to be honest, she nearly decided not to as she is aching from yesterday’s session.

While waiting for Georgia I admired some more of the Christmas lights that were on display. 

And a quick video I took of some of the twinkling decorations.

When we got home, Denise was already home from the gym and was busy cooking a Chilli Con Carni which was really, really tasty. While having our dinner, we all had a catch up about our days at work.

Afterwards we just went to bed to watch vlogs while I edited my blog.

Hope Monday was good for you.

What did you do today. Tell us in the comments below.

Take care


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