I am lost

It was one of those nights yet again last night. I was so tired and no matter how long I lay there with my eyes closed, I could not slip into proper sleep. I think the last time I looked at the clock was about 5am, and my alarm goes off at 6.30am. 

Well, at work things have not been too bad. A bit on the busy side, but still manageable. Earlier on in the day I was getting on with things, then it happened. The worst thing that could happen. The worst thing for a vlogger / blogger / and someone who pretty much lives on the internet. My Huawei P9 phone decided after yesterday’s antics, to go and die on me. I don’t mean run out of battery. That would be fine as I had my charger with me. No, it went and totally and utterly give up the ghost. This was after it did the same as yesterday and flickered the screen, jumped to different screens, then gave me hundreds of very thin coloured lines from top to bottom, the went black. The most I can get out of it is a vibration when I hold the power button in for ten seconds, and the screen goes from black to a very, very, very slightly lighter black. If I plug the charger in, the charge light comes on green as if fully charged.

It’s weird that I did a post in the last couple of days about how reliant we have become on out devices. The day has been awful without it. No decent music to listen to apart from one or two songs throughout the day on the radio stations that I had to keep flicking to and from. I had my internet free work phone so at least I could text Denise and my friends. I even got a phone call of Marc as well which helped for a while. Without my mobile internet it was awful. I was looking forward to playing my Google Play music, or messaging on Telegram etc. There was times I needed to search Google for something but couldn’t do it.

Apart from that, my day has been one big extravaganza lol

I’m home now. We had salmon stirfry for dinner. It was lovely. Georgia finishes late tonight. Hopefully it will be a peaceful night.

Let hope I can sleep tonight. Fingers crossed.

What would you do if you had to go all day with no mobile internet, and you had no access to wifi.How would you feel? What would you miss the most?
Stick your answer in the comments below.

Have a good night / day everyone


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