Steve’s Day.

It’s Steve’s Day. Woop woop. Yes I’m sad enough to say woop woop at 49 years old.

Anyway, today I woke up at about half past eleven. I was quite shocked at the time. I know I was totally shattered after a couple of night of bad sleep but I wasn’t expecting to be asleep until that time. And boy, did my back know it. To be honest, it’s what woke me up. The pain in my back, which I get when I have been lying in bed for too long. As I later found out, the night before I had forgotten to take all my meds, which include pain killers for my back. So not surprising really that I was in pain.

After the shock of waking up late, I went and had breakfast so that I could take my morning load of meds. The day has been spent in the house catching up on the washing etc. I managed to get Google Play music on Denise’s old Galaxy S4 phone. It was LOUD. I love my 80’s music.

Emma popped round today after getting back of her hols yesterday. It was good to catch up with her. She even brought the cats a pressie. A tin of loads of bags of treats. She spoils our cats. She’s a softie.

Georgia got home absolutely aching after carrying a very heavy bag home. It was something she needs to take to work tomorrow. She was not impressed at all at how sore she was.

Denise got home and we had Slimming World chicken curry for dinner. I love it when we had this. Very tasty.
We had a good night and had some laughs.

I’m in bed now so will get going. Its a short one today but if you have got this far, thank you for reading.

I have a favour to ask you guys before I go. Please share these blogs around on your social media. Its lovely when I see people have popped across to The Wright Times blog site.

Thats it for today so I’ll say good night to you all

Take care


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