A Thursday from hell

Well, where do I start? Pretty much yesterday was the day from hell. The night time saw me downstairs trying to get rid of restless leg more than I was in bed. My restless leg affects both legs at different times and recently has started to affect my right arm as well from the forearm to my finger tips. Yes, restless leg does not just affect the legs. 

I went to work and had to complete a pretty busy shift on about one and a half hours sleep. I have no idea how I did it but I did. That’s not all, on top of being so tired, I felt like I was coming down with some bug, as within 4 hours of being at work I had had to make 5 emergency dashes to the loo. My stomach was not happy. To be honest, my whole body was not happy. I just felt totally wiped out. Also it rained a lot so some of the driving conditions were pretty bad so had to concentrate really hard. As if that wasn’t bad enough, my back started aching as well. I felt like I was a right mess. 

The whole combination of things made it a really lousy day for me but I have decided to go and see the doctor about the restless leg and other stuff so we will see what she can do for me. 

As I write this, I’m sitting in the dark downstairs in the living room with restless leg yet again but at least the ill feeling has gone for now and my arm is not affected this time. Not as bad anyway. 

Enough of my woes, I hope your week has been good for you all, and happy Thanksgiving to all of you on America. 

Bye for now and take care


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