Thursday tiredness, fruit and Mobikes.

It’s Thursday and it’s going to be a long day as I did not have that much sleep last night due to having restless leg again and Denise was snoring but I will do what’s needed to get through the rest of the day. I sometimes wonder if I smothered her with a pillow would I get off with extenuating circumstances for being so tired and lack of sleep for a long period of time ha ha.
I know places like Manchester have had these for a while now but Newcastle have only just introduced them. What I am talking about are Mobikes.

I had never even heard of these until That’s Brad on YouTube pulled several of these out of a local canal while he was magnet fishing. I was having a good look at them this morning and they look really uncomfortable. There does not appear to be any suspension whatsoever on these. I cannot use a normal bike anyway because of my back injuries but these would be horrific to ride, a bit like a bike from the 1970s. I suppose the idea and the initiative behind it is good to get people fit and use less cars in the city. To find out about the Mobike Scheme, check out their Mobike Website. I now know what its all about. What a great idea, even if the bikes look a bit weird and bone shakey ( if that’s even a word lol )

I have been to the greengrocers today to get our supply of fruit.

I was advised by Emma M never to buy food from a greengrocers at the beginning of the week as they are still trying to get rid of the stuff from the end of the last week so I checked with the man I know in the greengrocers and he said they get their fresh fruit in on the Thursday so that is why I get the fruit on a Thursday now.

In Newcastle and had some spare time so I took a photo. That filled in a whole 5 seconds haha

While being parked up I’ve just seen something which is one of my bugbears and does my head in. It’s when kids walk along the street and their pants are halfway down their backside. Oh my god that really irritates me. It just looks so scruffy and I bet the kids that do that think they look super cool. Does this annoy anybody else, or is it just me?

Thanks to the kind nature of my boss, I got to finish work early so I have come across to the Metro Centre to meet up with Denise for a coffee after work which is always nice. I have heard that Georgia has not had the best of days but she was apparently close to tears on the phone with her mother earlier.

Anyway, after getting home and having a chicken dinner, we went to bed and just chilled out with vlogs on the tv, and Georgia chatting to friends on social media.

I hope everyone has had a great day today

Catch you soon

Digital addiction

In this day of digital this and digital that are we now becoming dependent on being connected 24/7 to the outside world and letting everybody know what we are doing ? Nearly everyone I know apart from the older generation and by that I mean people who are 60s and over seem to be permanently attached to their phone and hardly any time goes by where they are not checking statuses emails text messages etc etc. Also, a lot of people, seem to have to find a wifi hotspot wherever they are, whether in a shop, restaurant, shopping mall, city centre, a friends house, or wherever, to get a better connection so they can get their messages and updates quicker or to share a selfie, photo of their meal or a cute photo of their cat. It’s like some sort of primal need.

‘Cell phone addiction treatment center’

Denise and myself were in a restaurant a couple of weeks ago and they were a family sitting at the next table comma mother father and two young children . I happened to look across at one point and the two kids were sitting there looking bored while their parents we’re both on their mobile phones typing away and it made me think are we losing the art of communication ? Have things really got so bad where we cannot hold a conversation with another person face to face ? I have in the past, as a joke , send our daughter a text message when she has been in her bedroom to tell her that her tea was ready as I know that would be noticed straight away. It worked .

I have to admit that we even fall foul of it in the evenings when we have our tea. We normally watch YouTube vlogs while we have our dinner. but because Georgia isn’t always keen on some of the vlogs that we watch she sits on her phone while having her tea. So you see, even we fall into the digital trap as well.

Don’t get me wrong some of the technology available to help people communicate is amazing and I sometimes wish we had this sort of thing when I was a kid but these days with mobile phones, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp and the abundance of other apps that are out there never mind getting started on the multi channel TV where there’s something to watch on TV 24/7, communication is going down the pan and I think these days we do not see as much of our kids as we probably should or hear as much from them as we probably should which granted, some parents were probably think is a good thing ha ha.

I don’t think things are going to get any better either with future generations as I have heard of children for example 3 years old playing with mobile phones and tablets which I know can be educational but my own personal view on this is to limit the time on there and not just use it to keep the child quiet. Also with the multi channel TV comes all the children’s channels which again is another way that is used to keep the child quiet and I think the interaction between parent and child is getting less and less with the parent being so busy all the time and the availability of copious amounts of children’s TV. I think more and more future generations are going to be growing up dependent on electronic devices and digital connection to their friends and family.

Let us know your thoughts on this below in the comments section.

Wednesday, Steve’s Day

Well its Wednesday, or I like to call it on my vlogs, Steve’s Day. Its so nice having a day off work right in the middle of the week. I’ve never had that in any other job. It makes a hell of a difference.

As normal on a Wednesday I try to get on top of the washing. We seem to go through an extraordinary amount of towels to a family of 3. Thats the main thing that fills the laundry basket. Typical as well that towels take longer to dry in the dryer. So I always try to do these last and get on with more important stuff like everyday clothes and underwear etc. wAfter setting that off in the washer, I got on with the job I keep either forgetting on keep putting off. This is clean the fish tank, do water treatments and feed the fish. Its not a difficult job, just a pain. At least it keeps my fishies happy anyway.

I had a Skype call of Emma M today from her holiday in Tenerife. It was lovely to see her look happy and smiling. I really hope she has a good time and takes the chance to relax. She deserves a break. Not only is Emma ( and her mum and aunty ) away on holiday, but also George Monkey.

For anyone who does not know, he’s The Wright Times mascot, and always jumps at the chance to go away on holiday with friends or go to their houses for a break from his monkey duties.

IN the afternoon I had a rather impromptu power nap. It was weird waking up and the room was in darkness with the daylight saving hours these days. I wish we didn’t have to have them. Just keep the days as they are during the summer. Where its light longer at night. Non of this getting dark at 2.30 in the afternoon.

Anyway Denise come home from work and then the Gym. We had tea. Meatballs and spaghetti in a tomato based sauce. Yummy.

W went to bed to catch up on the latest episode of The Walking Dead. I’m enjoying Season 8 so far and its only on episode 3. After that we watched loads of music video’s from my playlist’s on YouTube

Georgia eventually got home from work and meeting her friends at about 20.45. Had her tea and told us about the loads of course work she has to get done for January. Good luck to her for that. She’s gonna have to knuckle down.

Anyway, thats been my day today. Nothing exciting. How has your been? Drop a comment below.

Not as I had planned

Today did not start too bad. It was lovely and sunny but still cold at the same time but at least this morning I did not have to scrape the ice off the car. As always every two weeks this Tuesday is the busy one but so far still not been too bad. No dramas which is always a good thing and at least the person that had problems with yesterday has not said anything to me today.
It’s lunch time now so I’m going to have a quick bite to eat while sitting in the van parked up.It has started raining so the pitter patter of the raindrops on the windscreen and roof is quite relaxing. I am looking forward to having the day off tomorrow to catch up on the washing and also possibly seeing what I can do with my blog page and see if there are any changes I can make to it.
Well that wasn’t what I planned. After being quite busy at work, got home, fell asleep, then was woke up by Denise who had made our tea. Chicken curry, I love it. After that went back to bed and fell straight asleep again until 9.45 this morning (Wednesday). Wow, I must of really need so much sleep.

A very cold day at the coast.

Today has been a nice day, in which we went down to Whitley Bay.It was quite cold so I ended up wearing my winter coat and woolly hat. As it is my fathers birthday on Tuesday, I want to take him at some flowers to put on his grave. After that we went to The Rendezvous Cafe (Rendezvous Cafe Facebook page) for a coffee and a hot dog sandwich. One thing we enjoy doing after our coffee is go for a walk along the prom. We really enjoy seeing families with their kids enjoying healthy time out on their bikes or on the beach, and also the dog walkers with their many varieties of dog. Everyone always seem so friendly down there. Many a time we have had conversations with total strangers about everything from the weather, to their dogs, and everything in between. Most people seem more than happy to give you a hello or chat to you.

After our trip down to the coast, we drove to Newcastle city centre to drop Georgia off to meet her friends so they could all get the bus back down to Whitley Bay again to go to a firework display. Yes I know, it seems daft but thats what they did.

Denise and I, got home, warmed up and went on a YouTube live. It ended up being our longest live yet at just over two hours. The people on there were so cool and a great laugh. We are honoured to have an amazing community that are kind enough to subscribe to us. We always enjoy chatting to them on the live’s and getting to know them. To us, our subscribers are what make doing vlogs worthwhile. They are the most important part of the vlogs. We appreciate the support of every single one of them.

After that marathon live session, we had our lovely Sunday meal. Made by Denise’s Dad. This week he make a pork dinner. The meat and gravy were divine.

To my disgust though, denise’s Dad threw away the crackling. Thats the crispy skin from after the pork has been cooked. He thought I wouldn’t want it. I think we are going to have to have words haha.

Once all that beautiful food had been polished off, We finished todays vlog and I retired to bed to doing some editing while Denise watched the X Factor while waiting for Georgia to get home.

Georgia got home about 22.20 and was absolutely freezing cold but had had a good time, which is the main thing. As I finish this vlog, Georgia is downstairs catching up on X Factor herself while warming up while having her dinner as well.

Anyway, I hope you have a great week, and that your weekend has been good for you.

Take care and stay safe


Saturday 4th November 2017

Happy Saturday everybody. I am so happy as this is my weekend off work and then I get to spend the time with Denise and Georgia. I always look forward to these two days off as I consider it important time to chill out and relax.

Before I had even woken up this morning Denise had been to the shops and purchased a Morphy Richards soup maker . this is what it looks like .

Denise has gone mad and made two jugs full of soup. She seems to be really enjoying it but we have had to rearrange the kitchen bench space a bit to make space for this device but it did mean that we tidied up the corner cupboard which was like a bomb site

Later on in the afternoon we went to pick Georgia up from work and had a cup of coffee while we were waiting. We had a quick visit to the Lush shop and I got myself some moisturising cream.I’m looking forward to trying it out.
After that we went to Aldi to get some cat food then home where did she set about making tea . we had tagliatelle Carbonara tonight, obviously slimming world recipe. I have to say this has got to be one of the best ones that she has made so far .

Well it’s getting to that time of night now when I retire into the bath and Denise watches The X Factor and surprisingly Georgia has stayed in her bedroom to watch a movie on Netflix instead of sitting with her mother watching X Factor.

Now that X Factor has finished for the night (thankfully as I’m not a lover of reality TV), and I am out of the bath, trying to stop sweating. It’s annoying that you get nice and clean in the bath then sweat again when you get out. Anyway, I’m out of the bath, and tucking into my nightly ice cream and Ikea ginger heart biscuits. We have just finished todays vlog for YouTube so all that is left to do is edit it and get it uploaded. While thats happening, I’m chatting to friends on Telegram and Facebook, while watching an old interview with The Human League on YouTube.

Tomorrow I think we will be going to Whitley Bay to put flowers down for my Dad as its his birthday on the 7th Nov.

I hope you all have a good Sunday and are enjoying your weekend.

Friday 3rd November 2017

Well that was not the best night’s sleep. For some unknown reason which I should be used to by now I had restless leg. Then again I do know the reason, it’s all to do with my back injury and nerve damage but it is restless leg. One night it will be my left leg which will not keep still another night it’ll be my right leg or I’ll be getting pains in my arms things like that. People who don’t suffer from restless leg syndrome don’t realise that the name is actually misleading because it can affect different parts of the body not just the legs.

Anyway this morning I am a bit tired to say the least but I will try and battle on as normal.
It is a cold day today and very overcast but the forecast says it should get sunny later but I’ll not be expecting there to be much heat in the sun today.

Evening : I managed to get finished early again,which is nice but when I got home I found that Denise was curled up on the sofa feeling unwell. Nothing major, just a bad tummy, but enough to make her feel lousy.

I made her go up to bed to be more comfortable, where I lay with her and we both fell asleep. I woke up some two and a half hours later when Denise shouted that my tea was ready. She had made a nice simple spaghetti Bolognese which was lovely. Georgia was still in town with her friend so she had her later.

Afterwards, we went back to bed and watched YouTube video’s before tiredness struck again really early. Georgia got home about 8.45 and told us about her time in town and seeing the new Fenwick Christmas window display. It was only about ten o’clock when we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer and ended up turning everything off and going to sleep again. What a rock and roll lifestyle we have.

I hope you guys have had a good Friday

Catch you all soon