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My love for photography rekindled

A few years ago I was suffering quite badly with depression and as a result a lot of my hobbies I ended up having no interest in. photography was one of those hobbies. I had enjoyed photography for quite a few years until I suffered from the depression and it had left a little bit of a hole in my life when I did not have the interest. Recently I have just upgraded to a new mobile phone. It is the Huawei P20 Pro. Now if you check out the reviews of this phone you will see that it has 3 cameras and takes exceptionally good photographs. Since using this phone I have found my interest in photography again and I am photographing everything that I can find. I downloaded an app called EyeEm which

lets you post photographs taken on your mobile phone as long as they fall within the guidelines and sell them for advertising on search premium websites such as Getty. I am loving it at the moment. anybody who enjoys taking photographs on their mobile phone for any subject please check out the link to my profile down below where you will be able to join them I find a lot of the photographer’s on there have some brilliant ideas and can be quite inspirational.
My EyeEm
So check it out and let me know what you think in the comments section